I offer professional corporate headshots across Cornwall and the South West to suit your business.  Through January and February I am offering a new year's discount, see pricing.

corporate headshot of woman

Whether you need up to date staff headshots, a fresh linkedin profile photo or up to date photography for your website, a good photograph is crucial in both giving you confidence and creating a connection with a client.

Based on location at your business offices or place of work I arrive at your office with everything I need to capture all of your staff's corporate headshots.  All I need is a space to set up my portable studio.

frequently asked questions

How many people can you photograph?  For corporate headshots the minimum is 1- 50 plus.  

How will you get us to relax in front of the camera?  That's my job, and one I'm happy to say that I love!  With over 20 years experience photographing complete strangers I am friendly and approachable and will guide you (if you need it) to get the best shots. 

How much space do you need?  Preferably a space of 3m by 3m minimum. 

How long do you need?  It depends upon the amount of people being photographed ultimately but I estimate photographing between 4 - 6 people per hour.

What sort of background will you use?  Usually a white background for formal staff heashots, but if you have a different preference please let me know when you enquire.

How much notice do you need?  Corporate headshot sessions can be arranged easily and at short notice.  For up to date staff headshots, get in touch with me today.

How many headshots will I get?  Two headshots of your choice per person are included.

Corporate Headshots Pricing

For January and February 2024 I am offering a new year special on Corporate Headshots:

Pricing varies based upon your shoot requirements, the number of staff and location.  My pricing starts at £300 for 1 - 6 people.  Contact me for a personalised quote for your business by filling in this form below: 

Corporate Headshots or Environmental Portraits?

If your business is looking for a different style of Headshot than a formal portrait, I can work with you to offer a style that sits perfectly with your business's online presence.

For blog with more information about Esther's Headshots shoot - click image.

“Janna was fantastic. At quite short notice, Janna was able to arrange taking some professional headshots for website and press, and they came out really well. She was professional and warm, and knew just how to get the best out of the shots.“

– Esther Ardagh-Ptolomey – Executive Director," 

Environmental portraits are great as they offer a different insight into your business identity.  They can give more depth to your profile photograph by literally placing you inside an enviroment that is relevant to you and your brand values.  

They sit really well with businesses who wish to show themselves within their workplace, often in uniform or using relevant props.

Businesses with a coastal, outdoors or nature aspect to their core identity often wish to incorporate this by shooting outside in a relevant location to great effect.

Do you need photos but keep hesitating...?

If you feel your business needs fresh photography but are not sure which direction to go in, contact me here.

I am always happy to hear more about your business and talk through options and offer suggestions.  Especially if you are not sure whether corporate headshots or enviromental portraits would be best for your company. 

Or you may wish to hear more about hiring me for a corporate photography shoot to propel your business forward in 2024.

I needed a headshot for my work in the environment sector, and I booked a shoot with Janna. It is something I wasn't  feeling too comfortable about, I'm not generally a fan of seeing my own image, but Janna was fantastic at putting me at ease with her lovely manner.

I am really pleased with the result which I think conveys a professional but friendly appearance, just as I hoped.  This is my favourite of the shots, I'm sure I will find multiple uses for it.

– Angie Gall – Marine Biologist

Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs

Alternately, my Personal Branding shoots are a great option for solopreneurs.  I have several packages available, check them out here: