Headshots photo shoot.

Woman in black top smiles

I was contacted in November by Esther for a Headshots photo shoot. She had very recently been promoted to CEO of AbScent – a UK Charity focused on smell and taste disorders and their impact upon sufferers.

Esther’s brief was to get some new professional looking headshots to accompany the press releases announcing her promotion.

We met at The Greenbank Hotel in Falmouth where Esther was staying as she had come down specifically for the photo shoot. Esther chose the 45 minute ‘Create’ branding shoot and she got permission from the hotel to do the photo shoot on the premises.

This is always important to secure in advance. Most businesses are happy to accomodate but it is not worth taking a chance on. If you don’t have permission you should find another location that is happy to grant it. And do this well in advance of the shoot.

Smiling lady with curly blonde hair leans on the back of a chair
Headshots photo shoot portrait of lady with blue eyes and blonde hair

We did the majority of the headshots photo shoot photography in the hotel suite as the light coming in the bay window was wonderful. We then walked around the hotel finding areas with good natural light and interesting backgrounds. I always bring lighting options, but if the natural light is good then I love to use it. In the 45 minute shoot there is time for a couple of outfit changes as well.

Woman in black dress sits in light and airy hotel lounge
Headshots photo shoot of a Smiling blonde lady in front of dark background
Headshots photo shoot of a Blonde woman in black t shirt smiling

Blonde woman in black t shirt smiles

Press Releases:

Esther’s promotion and new headshots were featured in two press releases, one UK Fundraising.co.uk and the other press release Charity Today.

Blue eyed blonde lady portrait

What the client said:

“Janna was fantastic. At quite short notice, Janna was able to arrange taking some professional headshots for website and press, and they came out really well. She was professional and warm, and knew just how to get the best out of the shots.

– Esther Ardagh-Ptolomey – Executive Director, AbScent.org

Headshots photo shoots in Cornwall: Booking a shoot.

Fresh representative headshots are so important for businesses. From solid Linkedin profile images to having a great image ready to use at a moment’s notice, they are worth their weight in gold.

When your business does something to shout about, get a headshots shoot now and have confidence you are ready to go when the announcement is made. Newspapers, press releases or promotional posts move fast and they rely heavily on strong images to hold a reader on a page. A good photo is a great investment.

If you would like a headshots photo shoot or some fresh photographs get in touch here.

I have several branding package options to suit every business need. Be it headshots or a full day shoot.

Booking a photo shoot with me usually starts with an email. Firstly you can explain your project generally and what you are after from a photo shoot. This is followed with a phone call. You can ask any questions you may have and we can discuss how I can help you. Then we’ll look at your deadlines and when the best time will be for your shoot. Lastly we will book you in.

More information including pricing is to found on my photography packages for businesses. From entrepreneurs to larger scale businesses here in: Branding Packages.

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