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Personal brand photo shoot

Rebecca got in touch with me to enquire about a Brand photo shoot. She wanted a personal branding shoot for her business, In Alignment Coaching. Rebecca is a Mindset Coach and helps people using Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT).

woman with closed eyes using herbs

Rebecca booked the six hour personal branding shoot, ‘Lead‘. This personal branding shoot is the best brand photo shoot if you want to to get a full range of images to use for your business. For Rebecca’s shoot she wanted to show many facets which make up her business.

Rebecca works with clients on a one to one basis as a mindset coach. Based in her home office, she often has clients visiting her there and wanted to illustrate that. The home office is a relaxed environment and her dog Skye is a friendly part of it.

Woman holds a patient's hand during therapy in personal branding shoot
woman on mac laptop with dog beside her in a personal branding shoot

Second location

However, it was also really important to Rebecca to show her relation to Cornwall and the beautiful surrounding nature as well. Living near Perranporth beach we went there for our second location and got some great shots of her on the beach itself and up in the dunes.

woman in white jumper  laughs by maram grass in brand photo shoot
Woman stands on dunes above beach in brand photo shoot
woman with plait looks out over grass

Personal Branding shoot goals.

I always start my consultation with a client by asking them what their ultimate goals are for the shoot. What do they want to have achieved visually when they walk away from the shoot? This is really important as it clarifies for both of us what exactly they need. We can then focus on capturing these images as a priority. Following this we can then creatively work around the ideas for other image options.

Rebecca wanted to walk away having achieved: Feelings of safety, warm personality, confident and self assured (without being too aggressively so). Dreamy and expansive outdoor pics in nature and with the ocean. Indoor photos representing the things I normally do day to day. A vibe of manifestation and positive mindset along with healing.

woman smiles in brand photo shoot
woman writes in notebook
woman thinks whilst writing

What the Client said:

I booked a full 6 hour brand photoshoot with Janna and could not be happier! Janna took time to understand what I was looking for with the photoshoot and my branding.
We spent time planning the day thoroughly and it really helped me to mentally and physically prepare for the day.
On the day of the shoot Janna was totally reliable and showed up exactly on time, and even made use of the time when I was having my hair and makeup done to photograph some stills. In terms of the photoshoot itself, Janna clearly knows her stuff, and guided me so well through everything. I can’t stress enough how at ease Janna made me feel, which was incredibly important to me to achieve authentic images.
We had fun and made the most of the whole time together. So it was not only achieving what I needed to for my business but it was a memorable day also!
I’ve received the images now and I am absolutely thrilled with them. The editing and style of them are perfect and I will be returning every time back to Janna when I need updated business images. Thank you Janna for being so brilliant!

Rebecca Hill – In Alignment Coaching

woman writes in notebook
woman sits on sofa smiling
Woman smiles with mug

See Rebecca’s website here: Rebecca

Personal Branding Photography in Cornwall.

Personal branding shoots are great if you know you want to add visuals to your business presence.

If you’re a busy person, like most self-employed people, there is always a long list of things to do and you’re usually at the end of it. But this doesn’t need to be the case. Have a look at my personal branding shoot options here: There are four and they range from a 45 minute headshots shoot to a six hour branding shoot. Prices, image downloads and a brief outline of the shoot is included. All you need to do is have a look. If this is something you think will really help you capture those images you need and propel your business in the right direction, contact me.

Personal branding shoots like Rebecca’s, can be organised at short notice. The turnaround time for my editing and image gallery delivery is quick.

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